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Anadarko’s K2 subsea development in Green Canyon Block 518 and ENI’s K2 subsea development in Green Canyon Block 562 are being tied back to the Marco Polo Facility Euro 2024 matches todaylocated in Green Canyon Block 608. Anadarko is the operator of Marco Polo and Enterprise is the owner. The Marco Polo Tension Leg Platform (TLP) is in approximately 4,300′ of water. The Green Canyon Block 518 and Green Canyon Block 562 subsea developments are in approximately 4,100′ of water.

RCI Project Engineers have worked on this project in the following capacities:

  • Reviewed drawings and engineering specifications for MCC buildings, Chemical Injection Skids (one for European Championship liveAnadarko and one for ENI), Spent Methonal Skid, Multiphase Metering Skid, 518 Hydraulic Power Unit, 518 Master Control Station, 518 Electrical Power Unit, 562 Subsea Equipment in MCC Interface and Marco Polo Facility Mechanical, Structural, Instrumentation and Electrical Modifications.
  • Reviewed FAT procedures for all equipment being added

RCI Project Field Coordinators have worked on this project in the following capacities

  • Inspected equipment as it was fabricated and upon completion for project compliance
  • Generated punch lists Euro Football results 2024for all items found to be non-compliant with project criteria
  • Monitored completion of punch lists
  • Witnessed FAT on all equipment that FAT’s were performed
  • Provided daily reports with pictures as equipment was being fabricated
  • Performed QA/QC functions not only for compliance of project criteria, but also to industry codes and standards
  • Offshore coordination and inspection of all equipment being installed for the GC-518 and GC-562 subsea developments on Marco Polo

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