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John Jordan – MI Solutions Division Manager
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MI Solutions is a full-service NDT provider utilizing both basic and advanced NDT technology and systems to provide our clients with sound and proven solutions to maintain Euro 2024 qualifiers results todaythe mechanical integrity of their new and existing facilities and pipelines.

Our Foundation: Innovation, Quality, and Safety

MI Solutions is uniquely qualified to be a high quality, proactive partner with our clients for the provision of inspection and testing services. Our business model focuses on providing costeffective inspection solutions to minimize our client’s risk.

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Petrochemical – Oil and Gas – Fabrication – Pipeline – Offshore – Energy

Service Model Based on Innovation, Quality, and Safety

A summary of MI Solutions services include:

  • On-stream/Resident Inspectors
    • Nested Staff FT On Location to include Administrative, Schedulers, Document Control, etc
    • Run & Maintain Teams
  • API and NDE Turnaround Inspectors & Support Staff
  • Refractory Consulting and Inspection
    • 3rd party Inspection Euro 2024 qualifiers results todaygroup with no commercial affiliation with any refractory installer, material manufacturer or test lab
  • Pipeline Integrity
    • Multiple methods of Inspection and NDT coupled into crews to minimize manpower and maximize efficiency
  • Conventional NDE – UTT, PT, MT, VT
  • Call-out NDT, including Radiography
    • Quick response teams available 24/7
  • Computerized Radiography – CR
    • Flexible Phosphorus imaging plates that eliminate the use of chemicals
  • Digital Radiography – DR
    • Digital Detector Panel synced with X-Ray tube for instant image results and review
  • Real-time Radiography – RTR
    • RTR system used for rapid screening for Corrosion under insulation
  • Advanced UT Inspection
    • Phased Array
      • Multi-element ultrasound pulsed independently to form an array of beams
    • Advanced Ultrasonic Applications
      • Repeatable and reliable C-Scan corrosion examination
    • High Temp AUT
      • Air cooled 2 axis scanner capable of scanning up to temperature of 700° F
    • TOFD
      • Generally coupled with PAUT for inspection of Euro Football results 2024new construction vessels, spheres and tanks
    • HTHA
      • Technicians are certified by third party training specified for this method; training is performed on actual samples taken from the field with various stages of High Temperature Hydrogen Attack
    • EMAT Technology
      • Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducer used for rapid qualitative inspection
    • Dissimilar Weld Metal Inspection
      • Fully automated refracted longitudinal wave technique
    • Guided Wave Ultrasonic Inspection
      • Wavemaker® G4 32 channel Long Rang Ultrasonic System used for Qualitative screening on buried, insulated, and wrapped piping
  • Rope Access Inspection
    • SPRAT Certification Scheme with inspection and light mechanical remote access capabilities
  • Creaform
    • 3D Laser Corrosion mapping of external surface of piping and equipment that is 80 times faster than traditional pit gaging technique
  • PMI
    • Positive Material Identification Inspection utilizing Optical Euro 2024 matches todayEmission Spectrometry (OES), X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF), Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS)
  • Hardness Testing
    • Electronic and Telebrinell Hardness Testing
  • Mechanical Integrity Program Development
  • Vendor Surveillance and QA/QC Inspectors
  • QA Program and Inspection Procedures Development
  • CAD Drawing and Data Entry
    • IDMS personnel and software supplied per Client’s needs


  • 5218 Spencer Highway, Pasadena, TX 77505