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Project consisted of Live European Cup football resultsconstruction and installation of four caissons in the MI 656 and 632 areas. Tying in all production to either the existing MI 657 “B” platform or MI 632 “A” platform. Each with a full well stream facility, four 48” x 72” caissons were fabricated and installed each with FWS facilities on 20’ x 20’ deck. Each wells production was transported to either the MI 657 “B” facility or the MI Euro 2024 matches today632 “A” facility via 6” flowlines (lengths ranged from 3,330’ in length to 6,473’ in length). Modifications were completed at the two host facilities to receive production. In addition, a 10,720’ 10” diameter pipeline from MI 657 “B” to MI 632 “A” was installed to enhance production flow capacity to MI 632 “A”.

RCI provided overall project management of this development from conception estimates and Euro Football results 2024schedules to final commissioning of these facilities and pipelines.

Project Management Scope of Work:

  • Field development planning, costing & scheduling
  • Bid package development, distribution and evaluation
  • Vendor selection
  • Oversight of fabrication and materials selection
  • Installation and hookup management

Inspection Scope of Work:

  • Fabrication inspection
  • Materials inspection
  • Offshore project installation inspection on the structures, pipelines and facilities
  • Job book preparation

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