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Project consisted of refurbishment of the existing WD 102 “G” tripod jacket Euro Football results 2024and deck to be used in a two well development at EI 318 in 240’ of water. Refurbished platform supported a 30 MMSCFD gas production facility. Production flowed through a newly installed 400’ 6” pipeline to a 6” x 16” hot tap on an existing ANR pipeline. RCI provided overall project management of this development from Euro 2024 qualifiers results todayconception estimates and schedules to final commissioning.

Project Management Scope of Work:

  • Development planning, costing & scheduling
  • Bid package development, distribution and evaluation
  • Oversight of refurbishment of jacket and deck
  • Oversight of refurbishment of facilities
  • Management of pipeline installation, and pre-commissioning hook up

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