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Teppco – Ship Channel Crossing – Crystal Bay Project ImagePerformed all project management and inspection for the completion of the TEPPCO Houston ship channel crossing. This was a DOT project being performed in a Texas State Park, which included, wetlands, bird and butterfly sanctuaries and required OQ personnel and supervision. While not grand in scale, this project required extensive and delicate Euro 2024 matches todayplanning of multiple groups as much of the work was being performed in close proximity to several active high-pressure pipelines. Work included the laying of three separate 1800′ product lines with the tie-in points in the bay and onshore.

Project Management Scope of Work:

  • Provide complete project management and consulting services for the planning and execution of project
  • Provide DOT and OQ qualified personnel as needed
  • Produced scope of work, Live European Cup football resultsbid packages, bid evaluation and award documents
  • Coordinated multiple subcontractors in their daily activities

Inspection Scope of Work:

  • Inspected all marine surveying
  • Inspected all materials
  • Inspected the installation of the new pipeline and removal of existing pipeline, tie-in work, burial and testing of both 8″ lines and single 10″ line
  • Maintained all safety records

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